Installing a water softener – justify the investment

Fact: Hard water contains damaging limescale

Did you know that water used in the average (4 person) family home each year contains 70Kg (154lbs) weight of limescale. Unchecked it can cause damage to pipes, boilers and other equipment (such as washing machines and dishwashers), leading to expensive repairs.

Most people who own a water softener would simply say that to wash and bathe in clear, scum free water is sufficient justification. However, a water softener fulfils many functions and can give substantial long-term savings.

These benefits include: -

• Limescale protection of bathroom and kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, shower mixers, shower heads, electric showers, taps, tiles, shower screens, stainless steel and ceramic sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.

• The prevention of costly replacements to heating appliances such as immersion heaters and heat exchangers on combination boilers.

• Savings on water heating bills can also be made (just 1.6mm of scale build up on a coil in a hot water cylinder will cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency).

• On a day-to-day basis, savings can be made on soap products, cleaning materials and most definitely cleaning times.

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