Water Softeners

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NEW FOR 2021 - Mini Max Innova

Innova is designed with substantial green footprint, reliability and ease of use.

M3 Mini Max

The M3 Minimax Block Salt Softener is designed specifically for the plumbing requirements of the UK market.

Mini Max Major One Inch Softener

The Major has been designed to deal with the demands of a large modern home or business. It is compact enough to fit inside kitchen units due to a twin cabinet design.

The Big Blue

The Big Blue really is the ultimate high capacity water softener. The Big Blue has a larger cabinet that holds over 65kgs of salt, so it doesn’t need refilling as often.

Genus SD530

The Genus SD530 is one of the most robust and reliable water softeners available. It gives an amazing 600 gallons (2,727 litres) of softened water between each regeneration cycle at 21° Clark and will easily accommodate a family of up to 8 people.

MM Electric

MM Electric is a electric water softener, offering unlimited softened water, using tablet salt and is suitable for standard and high-flow hot water systems.

Drinking Water Systems

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Water Filter Systems

Reverse Osmosis System

Block, Tablet and Granular Salts

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Block and Granular Salt

We can supply a range of granular water softener salt, tablet and Harveys Block Salt for local delivery within the Sevenoaks and surrounding areas of Kent. For deliveries to other areas please contact us for details. Listed below are the prices for local delivery: - 

BLOCK SALT DELIVERED (price per pack)
£5.70 for up to 10 packs
£5.40 for 15 packs
£5.20 for 20 packs

£5.95 per 10 Kg bag 
£5.75 per 10 Kg bag (15 bags +)

£9.95 Equivalent to 60 washes
Harveys Block Salt

Harveys Block Salt

If you are looking for a compact water softener, we recommend Harveys Block Salt. Block salt is more compact and is lighter than its tablet and granular counterparts. Block salt reduces the chances of spillage, is easier to carry, load and store and is available in food grade quality – this means it doesn’t contain any caking agents or other chemicals, so is totally safe if by chance any residue is left on plates and utensils. 

Call Kemsing Water Softeners for more details about our Block, Tablet and Granular Salts.

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