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Water Softener Salt - Block, & Granular

Call Kemsing for your water softener salt supplies throughout the Sevenoaks, Bromley, Chislehurst, Hildenborough, Sidcup, Maidstone, Orpington and Kings Hill areas.. Telephone: 01732 760471.

Block and Granular Salt 

We can supply a range of granular water softener salt, tablet and Harveys Block Salt for collection or local delivery within the Sevenoaks and surrounding areas of Kent. For deliveries to other areas please contact us for details. If you are planning to collect salt, please telephone prior to collection. Listed below are the prices for collection and local delivery: - 
BLOCK SALT COLLECTED (price per pack)
£4.90 for up to 10 packs
£4.80 for 15 packs
£4.70 for 20 packs

BLOCK SALT DELIVERED (price per pack)
£5.20 for up to 10 packs
£5.10 for 15 packs
£5.00 for 20 packs

£5.25 per 10 Kg bag
£5.15 per 10 Kg bag (15 bags +) 

£5.65 per 10 Kg bag 
£5.55 per 10 Kg bag (15 bags +)

£9.95 Equivalent to 60 washes

Harveys Block Salt

If you are looking for a compact water softener, we recommend Harveys Block Salt. Block salt is more compact and is lighter than its tablet and granular counterparts. Block salt reduces the chances of spillage, is easier to carry, load and store and is available in food grade quality – this means it doesn’t contain any caking agents or other chemicals, so is totally safe if by chance any residue is left on plates and utensils.

Contact us for more details.